Business Strategy Consultant Jobs

Ozg Placement invites application from experienced Business Strategy Consultants - 
  1. Is deeply interested in business, organizational and process transformation through the use of technology-based solutions which engage the user and facilitates good work practices, effective decision-making and efficient, successful process execution?
  3. Enjoys thinking rigorously and creatively about business models, business operations, online solutions and associated work practices, and can deliver consulting products?
  5. Thinks comprehensively about the online solution: the overall on/off-line operating model, logical structures of the solution, technology enablers and constraints, the user experience and visual elements?
  7. Is proficient at creating diverse analytical and design work products (e.g., business strategy clarification, process analysis and conceptual models) and gets things done by organizing and doing the work?
  9. Can work effectively and independently with client executives and senior managers to understand and clarify business strategy, goals and issues in order to define and develop online solutions?
Role at Ozg:

As a Business Strategy Consultant, you will:
  • Lead strategy and early design projects that transform the business model for all or part of an enterprise.
  • Develop and/or customize OUR COMPANY best practice methodologies and tools to meet specific project needs.
  • Develop detailed analysis and create both business models and portal design requirements.
  • Lead analytic teams and/or project tracks; serve as a project manager for smaller projects.
  • Guide user experience, content, technology and visual design professionals.

Job Requirements:
You must be able to:
  • Converse broadly and insightfully about business operations and priorities and articulate them effectively through summary analysis and representative models.
  • Conduct interviews with practitioners, subject matter experts, managers and executives.
  • Define and translate business needs into online solution requirements, initial design concepts, "rationalized" business and functional requirements and specifications for online solutions (addressing user, business and technology needs or constraints).
  • Work closely with colleagues to ensure that their work products effectively address business needs and solution requirements.
  • Facilitate teams and meetings at all levels of stakeholder/constituents seniority.
  • Demonstrate a strong sense of ownership over you own and the teams' work products.
  • Act in an independent, confident, open-minded, flexible and consultative manner.
A particularly strong candidate can also:
  • Demonstrate a strong, practical understanding of how online solutions are effectively operationalized; that is, the strategic and operational governance and associated processes and procedures, training, and change management required to implement and operate the online solution.
  • Demonstrate substantial knowledge of portal technology (e.g., SharePoint, SAP, content management systems) – functional capabilities and structural nature.
Consulting Requirements:
  • Minimally ten years consulting experience, preferably seven in a consulting firm; ideally, consulting experience with multiple industries
  • At least ten to fifteen years total experience in relevant business-oriented roles
  • Experience in the implementation of online solution recommendations and change management
  • Preferred — Masters degree in the business and/or information technology, degrees such as business administration (MBA), operations management, organizational development, or Human Resources.
  • BA degree in Business (or any of the Humanities) with significant relevant experience will be considered.
Location: Delhi, NYC, Mumbai, London

How to apply?
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